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You and your family deserve dental treatment of the highest quality from professionals who truly care about your healthy smiles and overall wellbeing. If you are looking for the right dental office in the Albuquerque area, we encourage you to visit Family & Cosmetic Dental Design. We are a friendly, state-of-the-art practice providing exceptional treatment for your entire family. Dr. Colin A. Forde, DDS, and his team use advanced technology to provide you with the latest in dental care. We also use modern administrative techniques to make scheduling and payment as easy as possible. Contact our office to learn more about our practice and find out why it may be a great fit for your family.

Dr. Colin Forde was wonderful and so was his staff think we found a new dentist.

- Sandra Lynn Vigil-Aragon

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How We Approach Dental Treatment

Exterior view of dental office.Dr. Forde is both professional and laid back, combining his clinical skill with his passion for the profession. He truly enjoys talking to his patients. He will not only inquire about your health needs, but also get to know you and your family on a personal level. He has assembled a staff that approaches dentistry in the same way. We consistently provide friendly, warm, and welcoming treatment. We will do everything possible to help you feel comfortable in our office, whether you come during regular business hours or you are taking advantage of our 24/7 emergency care.

A Focus on Convenience

Quality dental treatment should not simply be effective. It should also require less time and fewer visits to the dental office. That is why we proudly treat patients of all ages in a single convenient location. In fact, several generations from the same family will often turn to us for treatment. We provide children, adults, and seniors with personalized care. In addition, we will perform all aspects of your treatment in-office whenever possible.

Our administrative team is also dedicated to your convenience. We are proud to be a paperless office, using an iPad for check-in and scheduling. Not only does this cut back on waste, but it also makes the process faster and helps us access records more efficiently.

Our Technology

Dr. Forde and his team use advanced technology to improve your care. Our periodontal laser is one of our most important tools. The device can eradicate oral bacteria and stop the spread of gum disease. Because the laser is so precise, it will have minimal impact on the healthy portions of your gums. It will also seal off the tissues and stimulate healing for a faster recovery.

Additionally, we use advanced imaging to provide more accurate diagnoses and treatment plans. Intraoral cameras and digital x-rays are able to detect decay and other oral health problems, such as misalignment, impacted teeth, and the symptoms of TMJ disorder, even in their earliest stages. Digital x-rays involve negligible radiation exposure compared to traditional film x-rays, making them safer and more environmentally friendly. Dr. Forde also uses high power microscopes and electric handpieces to maximize precision and minimize patient discomfort.

Financing Information

At Family & Cosmetic Dental Design, we accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards as forms of payment. We also accept most insurance plans and will help you make the most of your coverage. Dr. Forde and his team work hard to keep the cost of our care affordable. Nevertheless, if you need financial assistance, we offer financing through CareCredit®. You may qualify for a fixed, low, or even no-interest repayment plan with this trusted lending company. Our team will explain more about this option and help you find the most affordable financing method for you.

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