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How Do Dental Stains Occur?

Dental stains can be extrinsic, meaning they originate on the outside of the tooth, or intrinsic, which emanate from inside the tooth. There are many factors that can lead to discolored teeth. If you have ever taken an antibiotic with tetracycline, or if your mother took the drug while pregnant, you may have developed intrinsic tooth stains. Intrinsic stains may also be caused by fluorosis, which occurs when children ingest too much fluoride while their permanent teeth are still developing.

Extrinsic stains are primarily caused by substances we put into our bodies. One of the biggest contributors of extrinsic stains is tobacco. Tobacco products contain two staining agents: tar and nicotine. Tar is naturally dark in color, while nicotine starts out clear, then turns yellow when exposed to oxygen. Coffee, black tea, and berries contain tannins, a naturally occurring compound in plants that can cause tooth stains. Soda contain chromogens, which are acidic and increase susceptibility to staining. Also, red wine is one of the worst beverages for teeth, as it contains both tannins and chromogens.Before and after results of the Iveri teeth whitening system.

Teeth Whitening Options

When you have stained or discolored teeth, there are several teeth whitening options to choose from. Whitening toothpaste is a popular option, readily available in most stores. Over-the-counter at-home whitening strips are popular and easy to find. While these systems will help lighten most extrinsic stains, they are not as powerful as a professional whitening treatment monitored by a trained dentist. We offer Iveri whitening, with the choice of an in-office or at-home treatment.

Iveri Whitening System

The Iveri whitening system is an effective teeth whitening method, with a considerable short treatment time. The in-office procedure lasts about 20 minutes, and can result in teeth that are eight shades brighter. The Iveri whitening system comes in regular or extra strength, depending on your needs. The regular strength treatment contains carbamide peroxide, while the extra strength treatment also contains hydrogen peroxide. 

The in-office procedure lasts about 20 minutes, and can result in teeth that are eight shades brighter.

The at-home whitening kit comes in three different strength levels, and there is also the option of a whitening pen for touch-ups. Generally, we recommend the in-office treatment for best results, followed by the at-home treatment for maintenance.

Procedure Details

Prior to your whitening treatment, you will receive a thorough dental cleaning. We then apply a gingival barrier to protect your gums during the treatment. Next, application trays are filled with the whitening agent and placed on each arch. The trays are one-size-fits-all, eliminating any messy impressions process.

Once the trays are in place, we will activate them using a special curing light. The chemicals in the whitening gel penetrate the enamel of your teeth, breaking down the molecules of the stains. The gel contains potassium nitrate to eliminate tooth sensitivity and xylitol to provide a sweet taste and prevent tooth dehydration during the treatment. After 20 minutes, we will remove the trays, leaving you with a whiter, brighter smile. 

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Teeth whitening is a simple, effective procedure that can be added to your regular dental cleaning visit. If you are interested in achieving a dazzling, healthy-looking smile, schedule your appointment today.

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