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Dental Implants from Placement to Restoration

Dental implants are, without exception, the definitive method of replacing missing teeth. Once surgically placed into your jawbone, these titanium posts will become permanent fixtures in your mouth, acting as artificial tooth roots and providing unrivaled support for custom-crafted restorations. Dr. Colin A. Forde, DDS can place and restore dental implants to return form, function, and health to your smile. With his skill and experience, he can even provide preparatory bone grafting treatment, giving you a strong base for your restoration. Dr. Forde performs all aspects of implant placement in one convenient location, and he will monitor your healing to ensure optimal results. To find out if dental implants are right for you and learn more about your treatment costcontact our Albuquerque, NM, practice today.

You can count on Dr. Forde to provide you with restorations that look entirely natural in terms of their color, shape, size, and even texture.

Dental Implants: Permanent Replacements for Missing Teeth

Illustration of dental implants restored with dental crowns.Implants are biocompatible titanium posts that will are used to replace the roots of missing or extensively damaged teeth. Dr. Forde will surgically set these posts inside your jawbone. Because the human body does not recognize titanium as a foreign substance, the implants actually fuse with the jawbone through a process called osseointegration. Once your bone heals, he will attach an abutment to the exposed heads of the implants. After another short healing period, he will attach your final restorations.

Dental implants can be used to secure:

  • A single dental crown: If you are missing one tooth
  • Multiple dental crowns: If you are missing more than one non-consecutive teeth
  • A dental bridge: If you are missing up to three consecutive teeth
  • Full-arch dentures: If you are missing all of the teeth on the lower jaw, upper jaw, or both

You can count on Dr. Forde to provide you with restorations that look entirely natural in terms of their color, shape, size, and even texture.

Implant Placement at Family & Cosmetic Dental Design

Before your implant surgery, Dr. Forde will take x-rays of your jawbone. He will look for recessed areas to determine your candidacy for this treatment. Severe bone loss can limit your ability to receive implants. However, in many cases Dr. Forde can perform a bone graft to replace lost tissue. The x-rays will also help him find the areas where your implants will have the strongest support.

Before your surgery, Dr. Forde will numb your gums and jawbone, so you should feel nothing more than a slight sense of pressure. Then he will position one or more posts, closing up the incisions with tiny dissolvable sutures. Your bone and gums will heal around the posts over the next few months. While you are healing, we will usually provide a temporary restoration. After your complete recovery, Dr. Forde will place abutment pieces and the restoration, permanently fixing it to the tops of the implants.

Your Implant Options

Implants are highly personalized restorations. Dr. Forde may use traditional or mini implants, depending on your particular case. Mini implants have a smaller diameter. Thus, they can minimize the impact to your jawbone. In many cases, they can even eliminate the need for bone grafting.

Implant-supported dentures are especially individualized, and Dr. Forde will help you select the right type of restoration for you. In many cases, he will recommend the All-on-4® method. This technique uses four mini implants, set at a slight angle, to support a full mouth restoration. Dr. Forde will partner with a local oral surgeon to provide this highly precise treatment. He can also place implant-supported dentures set on more than four implants. In addition, he offers bar-retained dentures, which are removable but very stable.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

The various types of implants all offer a number of important benefits for your oral health and appearance. They are more stable than any other type of dental restoration, and they will never slip or shift as removable dentures and bridges often do. Implant restorations will also be virtually indistinguishable from any natural teeth that remain in your mouth. Typically, the implant posts last for decades and may last the rest of your life with proper dental hygiene. Finally, implants will keep your jawbone from receding by preventing it from falling into disuse.

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