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Planning for the Cost of Dental Implants 

The cost of dental implants varies from case to case, and Dr. Colin A. Forde and his team strive to keep costs down. Financing is available to help patients more comfortably invest in this restorative solution. Dental implants are by far the most beneficial restorative solution currently available. Because they replace missing teeth from root to crown and act as natural tooth roots, they prevent bone loss. For many patients, these added benefits are worth the cost of dental implants. When you choose dental implants at our practice in Albuquerque, NM, you are making an investment in your oral health. 

Dr. Forde and his team handle each patient’s case individually and will work with you to develop a treatment plan you are comfortable with financially.

Factors that Affect Cost of Dental Implants

There are a number of factors that affect the total cost of your dental implants, which we have outlined below. A consultation with Dr. Forde can give you a more accurate estimate as to what your total costs might be.

Pie graph outlining the cost of dental implants

The cost of the implant post itself represents a fraction of total cost.

Preliminary Procedures

Many patients require one or more procedures before the placement of their dental implants. Patients may need treatment for gum disease, or a bone graft or ridge augmentation to rebuild bone tissue. The number of procedures you require and the extent of work you need will all factor into your total treatment costs.

Number of Implants

A single implant can replace a single missing tooth by supporting a dental crown. Multiple implants can replace several missing teeth, or an entire row of missing teeth, to support a bridge or denture. The more implants you need, the more higher your total costs. However, an implant is not required for each missing tooth. In many cases, just four to six implants can support a full upper or lower denture.

Type of Implants

We offer both traditional and mini dental implants at our office. Mini dental implants are not only more affordable in most cases, but they can also eliminate the need for preliminary procedures such as a bone graft.

Final Restoration

The final restoration your implants will support is also factored into your total costs. A single crown, for example, is typically less expensive than full dentures. The material you choose for your restoration will also factor into your costs, as certain materials such as porcelain are more expensive. While one of the benefits of dental implants is that they can support a permanent, non-removable restoration, some patients prefer removable options. Your choice between the two can affect your final costs.

Financing Your Dental Implant Treatment

As dental implants have become more popular and more frequently recommended, insurance companies are beginning to partially cover these procedures. Unfortunately, many insurance companies still do not cover any portion of the dental implant process. This means you are responsible for paying some or all of your treatment costs. Dr. Forde and his team will work with you to develop a treatment plan that fits within a predetermined budget. In addition to accepting cash, checks, and all major credit cards, we also accept CareCredit℠ financing. CareCredit℠ offers no- and low-interest promotional periods for patients that qualify, making treatment more accessible and affordable for many.

An Investment in Your Oral Health

You should view dental implants as an investment in your oral health. As a permanent solution, they offer many benefits over more traditional options. With dental implants, you will have unparalleled support and stability. Implant-supported restorations are more comfortable and easier to care for. On top of that, they actually improve your oral health by preventing bone loss.

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Dr. Forde and his team handle each patient’s case individually and will work with you to develop a treatment plan you are comfortable with financially. Contact our dental office today to schedule your consultation.

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